How to Take Care of New Tattoos on Your foot?

Foot Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Getting a tattoo on your foot is a bit different. For this, you need to be little more attentive and caring. Feet hold the weight of the body and help to make the balance of your musculoskeletal system. So the first thing that you should know that just finishing the needle work does not mean that your tattoo is permanent. On the other hand, for the first few days, you need to take a good care of your new tattoo for the attractiveness of it. As far as foot tattoo aftercare is a concern you should better know about this. Even the right product will not give you exact results if you don’t know how to use is properly. So here we are going to discuss some very useful information through which you can get best results.

Important Tips

  • It is highly advisable not to touch the tattoo with a dirty hand, this can cause infections.
  • You should remove the bandage from the tattoo just after the 2 or three hours. But make sure that you are at home and protect is from direct sunshine, dust, and dirt. You should also remember the fact that it is very important to keep the new tattoo open for fast healing.
  • There are much anti-bacterial soaps available in the market you should use the best one. But remember the harsh rubbing is strictly prohibited in any way.
  • In the starting, you can put natural oil or vitamin E oil to hydrate the skin and stop the excessive itching problem.
  • When you are sure that upper layer of the skin is healed properly then you start using the lotion or ointment on your skin. This will help it for the restoration process.
  • Make sure that no harsh chemicals are present in the lotion which you are going to apply on your skin. Lotion with hard chemicals can even ruin the entire thing and your tattoo may look like sunburn. So always use a product with natural ingredients.

The last word

Clothing also plays very crucial role and you should wear only soft cloth for the first few weeks. Make sure that tattoo is protected from dust and dirt. You should also avoid the direct sunlight on foot tattoo to get the best results from tattoo aftercare. In case of excessive swelling, tattoo you should use ice on the tattoo to reduce it. With all these instruction you can take a good care of foot tattoo. For more tips, you can visit TattooParadise.