Plantar Fasciitis: Can You Still Walk or Run Barefoot?

barefoot plantar fasciitis

There are several situations in which people have to suffer from plantar fasciitis. This is a very common problem and there is hardly any suitable treatment available to deal with this problem. In simple words lots of remedies are available but no one can give you guarantee for one hundred percent removal of this problem. In addition to this, there are several reasons behind the occurrence of the pain so there is the absence of a universal treatment of this problem.

According to PlantarFasciitisSupport, there are many factors which must be taken into consideration before starting the treatment. It can be age, sex, lifestyle, routine, medical history, and many other things which can affect the treatment. Ignorance of these facts can be dangerous of the patients and the problem can be worsened.


Now you must be wondering that what can be the potential reasons behind the pain. For this, you must first understand the fact that our feet make an arch which is attached to several bones and muscles up to calf muscles. They are so closely related to each other than one can easily put an impact on the other muscles and its functions.

Inflammation of one muscle can also create a problem for the other one. Most people get confused about the muscles which need more attention to medical treatments. The pain can also spread from calf muscles to heel. But you must know the fact that it is muscles of the calf which affect more plantar fasciitis and thus you should start taking a good care of them as well. The pain can occur due to many reasons. It is commonly seen that while walking sometimes our feet roll inwards and this develop a problem. People who walk or stand for a long period of time also develop this problem. Other reasons are being overweight, stiffness in calf muscles, wearing unfit shoes etc.

Handle the situation well

There are lots of different options available when it comes to an effective treatment Walking barefoot is also suggested by many people to deal with the problem. But you should know the fact that many things are to be considered before following this advice. In many situations, this can be working but in others, it can make the situation more critical. There are several factors that you should take into your consideration.

Things to consider

As we have mentioned earlier that mostly it can also cause the unfit shoes. In that situation, you must take rest and give relax to your calf muscles to recover soon. There are many people in some countries who are not wearing shoes in their routine life. Barefoot walking can be an effective treatment for such people. Studies also reveal the fact in several countries where the population is not habitual of wearing the shoes, is tend to suffer less from the problem of plantar fasciitis. People who are old age and don’t have so much good stamina for a walk should not try this as well.