Gold Allergy: Symptoms and Diagnosis

An allergy is one of the most common irregularities that occur on the skin in forms of rashes, itching, redness, and inflammation. It can be understood as a response of the immune system of the body to a substance, ranging from food to natural forces such as sunlight. An allergy is a strong dislike for the alien component by the body. The most common type of allergies is an allergy to medication, food, fabric, dust, and spices.

Factors for Occurrence of Allergy

In most of the cases, allergic diseases are hereditary in nature. They are transferred from biological allergic parents to their children. Due to this hereditary factor, the severity of allergy is more in these children as compared to allergic children of non-allergic parents. Apart from heredity, numerous other factors determine the reaction of the bodily immune system to the external substances. These are race, sex, ethnicity, age, environmental influences, sensitivity and endurance of immune system and stress.

Are You A Jewelry Lover? Think Again

If you have a love for jewelry and precious stones think again! Yes, there are people who are allergic to metals such as Nickel (being the most common one), Copper, Iron and even Platinum! Well, no one would have ever thought that anyone could be allergic to gold but it is true indeed. Let us see the factors that are responsible for this kind of allergy. The most important reason for allergy due to gold is its impurity when worn as a ring or any other ornament as high-quality gold cannot be an allergen at all. The allergy occurs when it is an alloy. The unseen cause is the inappropriate care for gold jewelry. When people bathe, wash hands, they do not remove gold products and clean them, which leads to the settling of detergent particles in the product that eventually penetrate the skin leading to infections and allergy. Cosmetics too play a vital role in causing allergies as the chemical components of cosmetics react with gold or alloy in the ornament and lead to itching, inflammation and redness.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Now, even if someone is amazed and asks you how about the allergy, just ask them to look out for these symptoms: Constant itching, redness, boils, ulcers, and inflammation. The ways to diagnose gold allergy are a systematic and complex analysis of the allergy and its severity. The detection of antibodies in blood which requires an allergen to be injected into the blood and wait for further reactions to determine the actual cause of allergy. The other approach could be reducing the allergen level in the body and awaiting the immune system. Although, these are very complex and high-level methodologies while many simple and at home remedies can be used to dissuade the allergens in cases of boils and ulcers. You can find those home remedies onĀ Allergy Hacks. Even, ointments prescribed by physicians can be applied to get rid of such skin problems caused due to gold allergy.